Julia Zurilla

Lives and work in Miami Florida.

BFA and MFA / Institute of Superior Studies of Fine Arts Armando Reverón

Fashion Designer / Institute of Design Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela.

Julia belongs to the generation of Venezuelan artists from the late nineties, whose proposals use contemporary experimental languages. The written word, contextual art and interdisciplinary research methods are the cornerstones in their practice and thinking.In the last fifteen years, she has explored visual media and technology in a research about written narratives and how they help construe images.

Since 1997, Julia has participated in numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in USA, Spain, France, Colombia, Hungary, and Venezuela. She has been granted important awards such as the ExxonMobil Exhibition Prize/National Art Gallery Caracas (2003), 26th National Art Contest/Museum of Contemporary Art Maracay (2001) and 63rd Salón Arturo Michelena Biennial (2001), which is Venezuela’s most important art contest.

In 2020 she was awarded MAS! Grants Program of The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation and The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

Her work is included in major private and public collections such as: Mercantil Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Abreu in Maracay, Ateneo of Valencia and National Art Gallery (Venezuela), ExxonMobil Art Collection and Luciano Benetton Collection. 

National Museums Foundation

Biographical Dictionary of venezuelan artists


My proposal is about absence and loss. I dedicate this corpus to distant memories that are present as remains or traces. I work with what survives events and refuses to give in to the brevity of time and the caducity of the world. The memory of that which has been forgotten.  
The final product will be a remembrance, a moment of no-forgetting, where the re-composition of fragmentary and disperse testimonials articulates new meanings. 

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